Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coming Soon -- Our New House

Fish Creek Falls

On Wednesday we hiked to Fish Creek Falls. The falls were pretty amazing, but because of the lack of guardrails, we had to stay on our toes with the little ones. Seth spent most of the time looking for rocks to throw into the rapids below.

Here is Biffy on the Bridge below the falls.

Here are Rachel and Sarah taking it easy on the hike.

Rocky Mountain High

On Monday, Grandpa Conway treated everyone to rides on the alpine slide. Rachel and Sarah had a blast! Rachel was very cautious her first time down, but got faster on subsequent rides. Sarah was our speed demon.

Mom and Biffy had fun going down the slide together.

Seth absolutely loved the slide. He kept yelling "Go Speed Racer! Go!" as we flew down the slide. He also like the chairlift ride to the top.

Our Steamboat Springs Vacation

With school finally over, and the summer officially beginning, we took the family on vacation. About 6 months ago, I was able to reserve my firm's condo in Steamboat Springs. Erin and I thought it would be fun to plan a Conway family reunion. Erin spent months organizing activities, planning meals, and coordinating schedules to make sure everything would go well. Although the condo was a little small for so many people, we had fun playing with cousins, swimming, and doing the activities Erin planned.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seth & Biffy

Rachel and Sarah have had lots of news lately, so I think it is about time write about the little ones. Seth is doing well and always up to something. This past week he has dumped maple syrup on the carpet, attempted to flood the kitchen, and beat up his sisters (daily). His crowning moment occurred on Sunday when he pooped in the tub, got grossed out by it, bailed the poop out of the tub so he could finish his bath. What a problem solver. We are so proud.

Biffy is doing great. During General Conference I noticed she was enjoying the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I asked her if she wanted to join the Choir when she grew up. She responded, "No, I am going to be a mermaid." When asked how she would become a mermaid, she informed us that she could go "buy a tail" and "somefings" -(later determined to be a seashell bra). Biffy gets along very well with Seth (unless he is in the mood to wrestle). She is learning so much at school and from Erin. Perhaps the most valuable lesson of the week: If you have to share tub water with your brother, it is usually best to bathe first.

Rachel's Big Performance

We had the opportunity to attend Rachel's fourth grade musical program last week. All of the songs they sang were about Idaho. Rachel was chosen to read a short essay she wrote about Idaho.
Rachel said: "Idaho is the best for 3 reasons: Number one, we are unique. Our state gem is only found here and in India. Our state flag is the only one designed by a woman. Number two, landforms. There are many interesting land forms to see in Idaho- like balanced rock. Number three, the people. We process most of the country's potatoes, and give out huge ones and leave the smaller, harder to peel ones to ourselves."

We were very proud. Even the little ones sat captivated by their big sister.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

On Wednesday evening, Sarah was out riding bikes with her friends. She was apparently going so fast, she pedaled her pedals right off her bike. This sent her bike careening out of control and Sarah, taking after her old man, went flying off of her bike. Sarah smacked her head on a rock and got a little scraped up. She got an inch long cut above her left eyebrow. Erin threw the kids in the van, called Dad at work, and headed for the hospital so Sarah could get stitches. Dad met the family at the hospital and stayed with Sarah while the little ones went with Erin to see Rachel's Marie Curie presentation. Sarah did a great job and had to get 3 stitches. After we finished up, Sarah and Dad went to Red Robin for a Daddy-Daughter date. As you can see, she is doing fine now.